QuickTime Security Threat

QuickTime Security Threat

Do you have QuickTime installed on your PC?

Many computers do, and it’s become a high-risk vulnerability.

Users of computers running Windows should remove the QuickTime program immediately, advises it’s creator, Apple.

The software now has a vulnerability allowing hackers to gain control of your PC. This is a high-risk situation, where private or sensitive data could easily be accessed and used.

QuickTime is a program that plays music and video. Almost all computers now have alternate software installed, making QuickTime unnecessary.

QuickTime can be easily removed from a PC, using the Add or Remove Programs function.

If you need advice or help removing QuickTime, we’re happy to be of assistance. We’ll be removing it any time that we service a computer.

If you find that there are media types that you can’t play after removing QuickTime, we’d recommend the “old faithful” of media players, VLC Media Player. Download VLC from the VideoLAN website (just do a search for VLC download).