Microsoft Support SCAM: Catching out people in Lismore

Microsoft Support SCAM: Catching out people in Lismore

by admin, 21/04/2017

A sophisticated scam has been going around: a site appears in your web browser that appears to be from Microsoft. The browser becomes ‘locked’ on the page, and the pop-up urges you to call a number to ‘resolve the problem’.

If you follow the instructions, you’ll find yourself giving access to your computer to the ‘technician’ at the other end, who will then offer to fix the problem for a fee. If you agree to pay the fee, he’ll then also steal your banking or credit card details. Very nasty. We visited a customer earlier in the week where this has happened.

The image below shows you what you might see.

Microsoft Support scam screen shot

If you find yourself in this situation, we’d recommend:
1) Close the browser (use the X button, or the Task Manager)
2) Run an virus scan (e.g. MalwareBytes)
3) Run an AdWare remover (e.g. AdWare Remover by Xplode)
4) Restart computer

If you’re unsure, or need help, give us a call on 0422 345 350

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